List of Saudi Expats Profession Subject to the skill Verification Program.

Skill Verification Program KSA

Recently many job seekers have been inquiring about the list of professions that have been decided for the exam by the Ministry of Social Development and Human Resources of Saudi Arabia. 

Categories for Skill Verification Program KSA

They have put forward a list of these professions which are categorized into three groups. These are: 

  • Plumbing 
  • Electricians 
  • General Professions 

The people have been notified by the ministry that the two of these categories namely Plumbing and Electricians have been officially listed on the website of Qiwa, whereas the General professions category is not listed on the website yet. 

Saudi Gazette News Claim that More than 1000 Specialized Professions Are to Be Targeted

A program is known as ‘professional verification’ has been launched and it is expected that this program will help people to develop the skills of the workforce in Saudi Arabia. It is said that this program will be according to international standards that will benefit and meet the requirements of the Saudi Market. Saudi Gazette news has claimed that this program will target 1000 specialized professions that will belong to 23 specialty fields. This will also be according to the Saudi Standard Classification of Occupations. 

The Saudi ex-pat website has mentioned all the professions that will be listed on the Qiwa website very soon. They have introduced a search tool that might help you to look up the profession you have the right skills for. Some of these professions include Civil engineer, Project manager, general farmer, bus driver, and many more. 

You can visit their website and choose a profession according to your skills and needs as there is a vast variety to choose from.  

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